What does the cryptocurrency exchange rate depend on?

What does the cryptocurrency exchange rate depend on?

Formation of the exchange rate and their differences.

Not only large investors in this sector but also amateurs can influence the market situation. The price is formed according to an unspoken rule: the higher the demand and how many supplies there are. That is, the more buy orders, the higher the price. At the same time, the price will rise until all buy requests are closed and demand temporarily stops. Thus, traders can track changes in the rate. This can explain the difference in price on the exchanges because buyers and sellers can pursue completely different tasks. For example, on one exchange demand will rise sharply much higher than on another exchange, and therefore the price will also rise. Such surges and fluctuations on exchanges take place due to the absence of constraining factors when trading cryptocurrencies.

Main factors playing a role in providing value

We can't miss:

  • Costs for the miner for electricity in the first place; Mining farms also require significant investments;
  • Commission for transactions;
  • Average transaction rate per day;
  • Scale of the release of cryptocurrencies;
  • But the main factor determining the cost is still the demand, on which the choice of cryptocurrency depends.

Indicators that strongly affect the cryptocurrency value are sometimes difficult to track precisely for these reasons. Also, a lot depends on specific tokens because each token has its own price, as well as ups and downs. For example: exchanging dash for litecoin, exchanging bitcoin for tether (USDT) and other transactions. In general, each expert has his own opinion on this matter but the main factors are given as arguments. All owners of electronic money themselves make certain decisions related to the purchase of coins, so no banks can influence these events.

How to make an exchange?

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