Ethereum Founder: Who Is He?

Ethereum Founder: Who Is He?

Ethereum and its history

The sharp rise in popularity and demand for cryptocurrency has led us to a new economic era. The massive emergence of new market participants, both small and larger, began against the backdrop of a sharp rise in the cryptocurrency value. Ethereum became one of them.

Ethereum is not only a cryptocurrency, but also a system that is designed to create online services in a decentralized format based on blockchain technologies. All this works on the basis of smart contracts. Smart contracts are needed to control, generate and provide information about the ownership of something.

But what makes Ethereum so special? The developers made it not just a means of payment for something, they made it possible to register transactions and exchange resources. This is what made it popular and set it apart from all other competitors.

Ethereum founder: who is he?

The Ethereum project and concept appeared in 2013, and was proposed by Vitaly Buterin. A young programmer was born in Russia and raised in Canada. Now he is only 27 years old, and he is already included in the TOP of the most influential and promising people in the world.

The future Ethereum founder showed good results in science already as a child: at the age of 6, he already spoke not only Russian and English, but also Chinese. He changed several countries with his family: from Switzerland to Singapore. Back in 2011, he was interested in the Bitcoin blockchain industry. After that, Buterin becomes a co-founder of Bitcoin Magazine.

In 2012, the magazine is published in print and becomes popular. At that time, it was the largest publication dedicated to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

In 2013, a description of the Ethereum concept as a cryptocurrency was published. The concept was in one of Vitaly's publications. Then the creation of the «new cryptocurrency generation» began. This is how Ethereum has been described by experts and forecasters.

Many believe that the young specialist launched the system on his own and created everything from scratch. But Vitaly was not alone in the founder of Ethereum (ETH). There were several people in the team. Such large projects are not done alone. Their implementation requires large investments and resources.

A group of people, which consisted of Mihai Alize, Anthony Di Loriot and Charles Hoskinson (Vitaly Buterin was of course among them) registered the company Ethereum Switzerland GmbH in Switzerland. Why Switzerland again? The fact is that there is a liberal attitude towards cryptocurrencies, and such activities do not contradict the legislation.

In 2014, fundraising for development began using a crowdfunding platform. A very decent amount was collected (and if we judge by the current exchange rate, the amount turns out to be huge) - 31,591 bitcoins. Then it amounted to more than $18 million. And already on June 20, 2015, the first Ethereum block was created. And on June 30th, the platform was officially open to everyone. Since then, Ethereum has shown a positive trend of growth and increase in value, and more and more investors are interested in it and invest their funds in a promising cryptocurrency.

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