What kind of goods can you buy with Bitcoins?

What kind of goods can you buy with Bitcoins?

Russia, unfortunately, does not yet seek to get on the list of countries that support operations with cryptocurrency. However, despite the bans, the number of such stores, which accept digital money as payment, is only growing. In our legislation, public institutions are not allowed to conduct legal transactions involving cryptocurrency. It leads to more and more businesses registering in places where it is not prohibited to get around these bans. The only disadvantage is that since the state does not regulate this sphere, it is possible to fall under fraudulent schemes.

The most common way to pay with Bitcoin:

●    Services handled by transportation and law firms;

●    Purchases from online stores;

●    Meals and drinks from restaurants and bars;

●    Services and more;

●    In countries overseas, you can buy expensive cars and even real estate with Bitcoins.


It turns out that well-known companies are forbidden to work with cryptocurrency in Russia, but private individuals may well accept it. When vacationing abroad, you can rent a cozy motel room, book a ticket, and even pay for a cup of coffee.

Delivery and charity:

With virtual currency in Russia, you can pay in a cafe, restaurant, pizza, food delivery to your home or office, as well as for cab services. They are even accepted as donations by charity funds.

Online stores:

Amazon, eBay, Nike, Uber, Adidas, Apple, and many others, located abroad, have long and quietly accepted electronic money as payment. Most often these are large sites in the USA.

Some customers hide their income from the state, and the storage of funds in Bitcoins helps them in the best way possible. They use them to buy luxury goods and even individual islands. Thousands of virtual coins are not taxed, generating large profits for their owners.

How do countries feel about e-money?

However, there are some countries where the use of Bitcoins is completely prohibited and the fate of virtual money is different. And in other countries, on the contrary, actively introduce this financial innovation in their territories. The main thing is that Bitcoin is an independent coin and is not controlled by any company.

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