What is mining?

What is mining?

Mining is a process of getting cryptocurrency (every crypto, with no exception). Because of its popularity and rise, of Bitcoin specifically, people think that they mine only it. That's not how it is. Let's consider the mining process in more detail.

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, which is a chain of transactions. In this chain, every new link will contain all information about previous transactions (links). Cryptocurrency is a decentralized system, so every participant becomes an integral part of it. Cryptocurrency minings essense is solving complicated math tasks, with the help of a certain software (PC hardware also must be powerful or calculation speed will be too low and not efficient). Main targets of mining process:

●               All participants form single system, which supports and provides it's decentralization;

●               Protection and safety of btc from attacks and hacking attempts;

●               Net protection from untrusted information;

●               Support of transactions.

But how to start bitcoin mining at home? And do it right. The process demands to prepare and purchase hardware, to set up the farm and it's security. Let's see.

How to mine bitcoins on your own?

How to start bitcoin mining at home? This question is asked by everyone, who has read at least something about cryptocurrency and decided to earn extra money at home. In practice this process demands patience, resources and complete devotion. So what is necessary to get up and running a farm?

●               First of all, it's important to purchase a local storage to collect and store funds on your computer;

●               Get an online wallet. You can choose the system yourself, as well as prefered cryptocurrency;

●               Get a digital wallet to withdraw money;

●               Then you choose a server (a pool), which spreads tasks among participants;

●               Each of the participants brings in their own subscription. The higher it is, the more chances you have to get an expensive subscription;

●               How to select software for mining. Usually server has recommendations about selection;

●               You launch the process. Servers have both guides and recommendations about mining launches.

Every person who only starts with bitcoin has to visit the official site and download a digital version of software. Do not risk downloading software from third party resources using links provided by users on forums.

With the 1st software launch (it can be very long) blocks are being created. You shouldn't interrupt the process, no matter how long it is.

That was only a part of the process. The most important is hardware. Without it you can't succeed. You can find it on the net or look up to mining assembly guides. But you have to invest in equipment, because there is a shortage of video cards on the market and their prices are very high.

Now you know how to mine bitcoins on your own. You can find more details about settings and the system assembly on the Internet.

Where to exchange bitcoins after mining?

Welcome to our online exchanger. Collaborating with us you'll get:

●               Guaranty that your funds and personal data are safe;

●               Quick transactions;

●               No queues and delays;

●               Profitable rate;

●               You can exchange btc for any other cryptocurrency;

●               Responsive support, which can and will give you exhausting information about every question.

And remember, cryptocurrency is the future!

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