What is bitcoin?

What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a new cryptocurrency, which people see pretty often. Most countries do not recognize this cryptocurrency for a while, but it's becoming more and more popular.

Many are able to use digital money for legal and very profitable earnings.

Let's talk in more detail about bitcoin and how to earn your first several tenths of dollars.

New cryptocurrency or bitcoin were released in 2009 with the help of modern technologies and based on laws of math. It's impossible to see or take in hands digital money, it's a massive mathematical equation, which contains syphered code.

Bitcoin has several features, which have to be know by any beginner:

●   There are open access for any person to the source of cryptocurrency;

●   You can purchase in on the exchange or exchange it in your digital wallet;

●   The currency works only on the Internet, where all hosts has the same rights;

●   There virtually no possibility of changes in the protocol;

●   Cryptocurrency isn't affected by inflation, because it's amount is restricted by 21 mln;

●   All operations are open, but completely anonymous.

How to earn with bitcoins

Many are interested in bitcoin cryptocurrency and how to earn with it.

Let's consider several simplest and most popular ways to earn digital money:

●  Investor purchases cryptocurrency by a certain price and sells it when it reaches the peak of the cost;

●  Arbitration - is purchase of money at one exchange and sell at the other resource, which proposes higher rate of exchange;

●   Exchange of any cryptocurrency for bitcoins, and further reversed exchange in case of favorable rate.

Today investors can introduce social credits in bitcoin and do charity.

Where to purchase bitcoin?

It's possible to get digital money on any cryptocurrency exchange.

Here are the most trusted resources.


Largest Polish exchange. It helps to enlarge your investing bag in a short period of time.


The famous application proposes more than 200 shares, there is a demo account to get educated with no risk to lose an investment..

There are a lot of investment platforms aside from exchanges, which are very popular among investors and give good profit with regular use and serious attitude to the work. One of the most popular is BTC Compass.

If you want, you can exchange bitcoins for the other cryptocurrency, you can always do it through our online cryptocurrency exchanger.

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