What is bitcoin?

What is bitcoin?

Cryptocurrency. You can relate differently to it: somebody believes in it, some invests into mining farms, some just knows about it. It's appearance and such popularization started a new economic era in our time. It's possible to say so without a twinge of conscience.

Bitcoin is a payment system. It's decentralized and protected by cryptographic methods of ciphering. All transactions happen directly between two users. There are no middlemen, as well as a way to cancel payment. Yes, if bitcoins are sent to the wrong account, then they can't be returned. Your only hope is getter's honesty. In case if you sent money to a non-existent address, then cryptocurrency will be sent and lost by the sender.

What is bitcoin made for?

Bitcoin is cryptocurrency. Though there is a scepticism among mere people, bitcoin strengthens it's positions in the world as an alternative way to send money. So, what you can do with bitcoin?

● There is an opportunity to exchange cryptocurrency for fiat one;

 ● It's possible to purchase and sell goods on platforms, where it's allowed or right from sellers, companies accepting crypto;

● Sell or purchase it on exchanges;

● Do financial operations, trade or large purchases.

But there is also a certain number of costs when working with any cryptocurrency:

● You can't insist on purchase with use of bitcoin, if a seller refuses to accept it. Yes, that's right, if a person/foundation/company doesn't work with bitcoin, then they simply can refuse you;

● Bitcoin isn't regulated resource. I.e. There is no institution or fee that can borbid or force sellers to accept it. Simply saying you can't get «whatever you want» for bitcoin if you will be refused;

● Bitcoin rate is regulated by the old good ratio «demand/offer».

There is a fee and a certain «quive» when you send money. Fee is optional, it's set by the sender. Services set recommended size by themselves. Speed of transaction depends on the size of the fee.

If you use cryptocurrency for a long time and work with it, but look for a new platform with comfortable terms. We'll tell where to purchase bitcoin with a guarantee and quickly.

There are several options where to buy digital currency:

● Cryptocurrency exchange site;

● Using a mobile application;

● For you own money;

● At Kriptomat;

● Or online exchangers.


Where to exchange bitcoin?

Do you actively use cryptocurrency and btc in your life, business or other activity? You only start to get acquainted with the world of cryptocurrency? Looking for a new platform, where it's possible to profitably exchange bitcoin? Welcome to our online bitcoin exchangers. Collaboration with use will get you certain advantages:

● Favorable rate;

● Guaranteed protection of your digital resources;

● Service's speed. All the process built on a modern software, which is able to process big amount of transactions;

● All marketable cryptocurrency is available;


Support service, which helps and not just asks to hold on.

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