Where can you pay with bitcoin?

Where can you pay with bitcoin?

Many owners of cryptocurrency ask the question: what can we pay for at stores using bitcoin? The detailed explanation is below.

In the beginning it is worth defining a «bitcoin cryptocurrency» term. Bitcoin is an alternative to cash and coins, but in digital form with it's own resources. For now bitcoin can't be compared with traditional money, it has it's advantages anyway.

Payment with bitcoins

Not all companies do this, only the following:

●               Automotive stores HGreg and Tesla. They use btc as a payment method only in the US.

●               Overstock. A furniture store has accepted cryptocurrency since 2013. You can make any purchase with bitcoin. Also they sell clothes and household appliances. This furniture store collaborates with crypto exchange.

●               Shopify. It's a platform where you can create your own internet store, it collaborates with several crypto exchanges and payment systems:          BitPay, Coinbase, CoinPayments.net, GoCoin. Store owners have a chance to connect these payment systems to a platform and commit cryptocurrency payments.

●               AirBaltic. This company allows passengers to purchase and buy plane tickets using bitcoin. The airline uses BitPay. But there is one thing: you have to pay with bitcoin before 5 days till the flight.

●               PayPal. Recently the company introduced an opportunity to pay with bitcoin. Users can purchase, store funds as cryptocurrency, sell and pay with it at any Internet stores.

Online-stores Amazon, eBay also use bitcoin for payments.

Is there anything else to purchase with cryptocurrency? There is an opportunity to purchase VPN, applications and games at AppStore and a package of services from Microsoft. If you use the cpay.io system, then it's possible to pay for the Internet and cellular communication.

Some entrepreneurs use cryptocurrency. Even a pedicure or a tattoo master can accept Bitcoin. In small towns such service isn't very useful, but people of big cities use cryptocurrency everyday. They just pay with it. There is no necessity to visit a bank and sign documents, to compose a contract to open an account. To pay with cryptocurrency you'll need only the Internet and a smartphone.

How to pay with bitcoin?

Payment happens between two addresses. It's necessary to follow the algorithm:

●             Sellers form a certain amount and create their own bitcoin-address.

●             A client gets this address and commits payment from his address. Usually bitcoin addresses are implemented as QR-code. Client just scans it and confirms payment.

The best places to exchange btc?

If you want to exchange it at a profitable rate then you should do it at our CryptoExchanger online exchanger. With a simple exchange scheme a client will get cryptocurrency in his wallet quickly and with no delays.

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