What to buy for Ethereum?

What to buy for Ethereum?

Ethereum is currently the second largest cryptocurrency in terms of capitalization. This trust of coin holders allows various purchases to be made using transactions in the ether blockchain. The purchase of assets for cryptocurrency is more developed in western and southern countries. This is due to two factors: a strong and a weak economy.

Ethereum capitalization:

In countries with strong economies, high commodity consumption of the citizens of this country is expected. For example, now you can buy real estate remotely. One of the complexes in Dubai, Aston Crypto Plaza, was built specifically for cryptocurrency investors. This allows you to make purchases not only in national currency, but also in cryptocurrency. Countries with weak economies are replacing their own inflationary currency with a more reliable asset, that is, cryptocurrency coins.

Similar purchases were also carried out in Russia, when property owners themselves sold their property for Ethereum. But in the CIS countries this practice is rather rare than common. Now you can buy the following with cryptocurrency:

  • Real estate (including rent);
  • Food on various services;
  • Payment for electronics goods in online stores;
  • Air tickets;
  • Other services where there is an appropriate form of payment.

This trend already allows us to buy most goods for Ethereum today. As a result, a further increase in the coin price is predicted, which will increase the number of options for buying tangible assets for Ethereum.

Ethereum development perspective for online shopping

Every year, the Ethereum blockchain is updated. A certain number of coins are burned with each update, or miners' income decreases, which creates a shortage in the market and the price rises. The high price attracts not only experienced investors, but also beginners who want to understand the system. Therefore, more and more people have cryptocurrency wallets based on Etrereum, on the basis of which most payment services today have the ability to transfer via cryptocurrency.

We assume that after the full transition to Ethereum 2.0, transfer fees will be reduced to the lowest possible, as well as the transaction speed will decrease. In turn, this will cause an increase in the price, due to which there will be even more coin holders. This trend will allow not only investors to make money on speculation but also businesses that accept payments in cryptocurrency.

Where to exchange Ethereum online

CryptoExchanger online cryptocurrency exchanger provides services for the exchange of the most popular assets. For example, the exchange of Ethereum for tether (USDT) occurs automatically, due to which the transaction takes 5-30 minutes from the moment the application is activated. At the same time, the user can monitor the status of the transaction online. The current exchange rate at which the transaction will be made is automatically displayed on the website when the data is entered.

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