Where to store bitcoins?

Where to store bitcoins?

Though bitcoin is a currency, it's a digital one. You can't put them into a pocket, you can't dig them in the yard. Then where to store bitcoins? What options are there? Let's figure this out step by step.

Bitcoins aren't stored anywhere. Yes, sounds strange, but it is true. Digital keys are stored. They give access to bitcoin addresses. Because of them all transactions inside the system are being signed. They're stored in btc-wallets. The currency is new and wallets have a new format accordingly.

Different ways to store bitcoins

There are several common ways to store bitcoins safely. There are 5 options:

●               Paper wallets. This is a document (an official). It contains 2 QR-codes. The 1st is the key. It allows you to spend bitcoin savings. The 2nd is used to get cryptocurrency;

●               A hardware wallet. It's a device, which was developed to store keys. Keys stored in digital format. All transactions and deals can be done because of such device. But the thing is that you don't need an Internet connection to work with it.

●               An online wallet. It's clear. This is a resource where anybody can store bitcoins. There is no necessity to install additional software to a device, no need to wear gadgets and care that they can disappear. You always can connect to such wallet with any device;

●               Mobile storage. This is a software for your smartphones. It was developed to store keys with convenience. Only a part of keyes will be stored in the program, the rest of them will be taken from the main resources. Such a method exists, but doesn't guarantee complete security. Blockchain systems specialists do not recommend this way, if you have a lot of btc. But there are advantages: you can pay with bitcoins right away from a device. Yes, with the help of a QR-code scanner or NFC chip. Yes, for CIS countires this option isn't very helpful, but in Asia or western countries it have been spreaded at some extent;

●               A btc wallet for a computer. This is an option for an advanced user. It's the most secure way. A person can store bitcoins on his PC, control them, do operations and adjust it's security level with no help. There are 2 types of PC wallets: thin and thick. The 1st ones do not require to load the whole blockchain. This allows us to use and load them even to tablets and laptops. The 2nd ones require powerful hardware and a lot of memory from your PC. Blockchain being downloaded completely. But this gives an extremely high level of protection.

Online bitcoin exchanger

If you were looking for an online exchanger and want your cryptocurrency be converted into some other digital currency then welcome. For years our service allows us to exchange not just btc, but all other types of cryptocurrency. Collaborating with us any client gets:

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The future has begun now, it's time to become it's part.

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