What is Tether (USDT)?

What is Tether (USDT)?

Cryptocurrency became a new stage of economic development, market and economic relations between people. Nobody expected that everything would be changed so much from the time of the first Bitcoins transaction till this day. Now there are a lot of players on the market who create more and more new blockchain systems, releasing new cryptocurrency and trying to rush into the market, reaching Bitcoin. Virtually all cryptocurrency systems have the same principles of building and are not tied to any specific rate of resource. But it turns out there is a newbie of the industry who decided to change the rules and it's Tether (USDT). What is Tether(USDT) and how does it work?

Tether is a new thing in the industry. One more cryptocurrency token, but it isn't simple. As it's creators state, its price is more stable, because it's based on the real finances, which are stored on bank accounts of The United States. Creators were developing the idea of token stability, to let market players collaborate with more stable form of cryptocurrency. And they succeed. By this year, tokens fortified by real finances of the USA by more than 75%.

How Tether(USDT) is used?

Let's see how Tether (USDT) currency works and it's cost. And how it depends on the dollar. Initially correlation between dollar and Tether was 1:1 (1 dollar – 1 Tether(ustd)), but today the cryptocurrency is fortified and provided by many of the other tools, currencies and resources of the real world.

Tether became the 1st cryptocurrency, which was able to eliminate such a big gap between fiat currency and digital. This led to the situation where investors can easily trade it along with the classical dollar. Such a strategy allowed Tether (USDT) to get rid of the classical problem of the rest of the digital currencies. It doesn't have such big fluctuations of cost.

Then how to use Tether (ustd)? What to do with it? Trade? Sell? How to use it's advantages?

• Tether (USDT) is stable. He's tied to the real currency and allows to store capital in it;

• If abrupt fall of the other digital currencies happen then you may not sell and not cash them out, but convert them to Tether;

• This allows to exchange resources between exchanges easily;

• It's useful for those, who deal with arbitrary trade;

• Trade at cryptocurrency exchanges. There are platforms which doesn't have opportunity to withdraw and replenish real currencies, but if you have Tether then you have right to become an active participant, commit operations and trade;

• Convenience of currency storage at different wallets: web options, «cold» storage and hardware storage.

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