The largest holders of Bitcoin?

The largest holders of Bitcoin?

The number of Bitcoins is limited in the blockchain network. Currently, about 18.9 million Bitcoins out of 21 million have been mined. Despite this amount, it is predicted that the last Bitcoin may not be mined until 2140. It is due to several factors: the increasing value of the asset and the complexity of building each block (Bitcoin mining). Now large holders are buying Bitcoin, which only makes the demand increase.

Answering the question "who has the largest number of Bitcoins?" we can note the companies and corporations that made massive purchases of the asset. However, the creator of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, Satoshi Nakamoto, tops the list. According to some experts, it is considered that there may be 1.1 million Bitcoins in his assets.

Rating of investors with the largest number of Bitcoins

Oddly enough, most Bitcoins do not belong to Tesla, as many people think. American investor Roger Wehr has been popularizing and accumulating Bitcoin since 2011. During this time, his accounts have accumulated about 400 thousand Bitcoins, which currently equals $28.8 billion.

In third place are the Winklevoss brothers. Taylor and Cameron, back in 2013, purchased Bitcoins worth $11 million. Today their fortune is estimated at $8.4 billion, depending on the Bitcoin exchange rate. According to some estimates, they have more than 180,000 coins in their accounts.

MicroStrategy takes the lead among the holding companies. It is engaged in analyzing the business sphere and Internet services. The company's total number of Bitcoins equals 114,000 coins or $5.3 billion at the current exchange rate.

One of the most discussed companies that invested in Bitcoin is Tesla. At the beginning of 2021, people actively discussed the news that the company bought $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoins, which at the time was 38.3 thousand coins. At the current rate, the capitalization of the company's cryptocurrency asset is estimated at $1.8 billion.

The next company is Galaxy Digital Holdings. The main focus is investing in various assets. It is one of the largest holders of Bitcoin. Now, the accounts of Galaxy Digital Holdings have 16.4 thousand BTC. Translated at current exchange rates, it is $770 million.

How and where to exchange cryptocurrencies online

CryptoExchanger online allows for fast exchanges of the most popular coins. Each transaction runs at a fixed rate, which is specified at the time of creating the application. So, within 5-30 minutes, the client automatically receives the transfer. Various transactions are provided. For example, exchange of Bitcoin to Ethereum, Tether to Litecoin, Dash to Zec, etc. The transfer takes place according to the average market rate, because of which the user receives funds without additional commissions.

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What does the cryptocurrency exchange rate depend on?

Not only large investors in this sector but also amateurs can influence the market situation. The price is formed according to an unspoken rule: the higher the demand and how many supplies there are. That is, the more buy orders, the higher the price. At the same time, the price will rise until all buy requests are closed and demand temporarily stops. Thus, traders can track changes in the rate.

When will the new maximum price for Bitcoin be broken

Bitcoin's movement is cyclical. Although the price volatility is high, over the past 10 years, it has always returned and broken through its historical highs. There are several factors associated with it: media influence, miners' revenues, the versatility of the blockchain, the overall growth of cryptocurrency market capitalization, and updates within the network.