Exchange of bitcoin (BTC) to litecoin (LTC)

To earn trading cryptocurrencies (there are a lot of them) traders have to carefully track their rates relative to each other and make decisions if they should be canceled.

Besides cryptocurrency exchanges, which make cryptocurrency trade very convenient, there are also online exchanges. For this it’s necessary to decide, which online currency exchanger fits better considering the direction of exchange, rate of exchange and convenience of use.

Exchange of bitcoin (BTC) to litecoin (LTC) is one of the most popular kinds of exchange, because of their spread. LTC (litecoin) digital currency was developed 2 years later than bitcoin (in 2011), it’s based on the same blockchain technology that gives high speed of transactions on the net, anonymity and security. That’s why bitcoin is one of the most respectable cryptocurrencies and many traders are interested in bitcoin to litecoin exchange rate, which varies insignificantly among different exchange services. From 2013 to 2017 litecoin’s rate was growing steadily relative to USD and the other respectable world currencies and at it’s peak the count had a price of 350 USD. But in the last years it’s rate more and more often has fluctuations because of the news about exchanges’ closing, information about investments in it and many other economical and fundamental news of cryptocurrency market. And because of that currency exchange regarding this direction more and more often become interesting for modern traders and investors.

Why is it better to exchange bitcoin to litecoin on our site?

Of course, it’s possible to exchange or transfer funds from one currency to the other not only on our site. So we’ll highlight only the most common advantages, because of which it’s very convenient to use our exchange service for bitcoin and litecoin. And a big amount of positive reviews about our work confirms that.

So, what’s special do we have?

  • Our service provides momentum exchange of bitcoin to litecoin only at the most profitable rate.
  • Big amount of cryptocurrency reserves allows us to guarantee fast and quick exchange.
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  • The terms about use of our site are pretty clear (they’re located in the ‘Rules’ section). Besides, our site has good support at Twitter and Telegram social networks and our service team always responds quickly to any technical questions.

How to commit bitcoin – litecoin exchange with the help of our exchanger?

Forest of all, you’ll be interested in bitcoin-litecoin exchange rate. You can see it after you provide an exchange amount. Then you type in the email address, wallet of bitcoin and return wallet, in case the exchange won’t be successful for any reason. Then click at ‘I agree with the rules’ checkbox and then click at ‘Start exchange’.

With these simple steps you’ll be able to exchange bitcoins to litecoins at our current rate easily.